Work Life Balance

I’ve just finished reading (listening to actually) David Allen’s latest book Making it all work. He makes an incredibly profound statement in chapter two; work life balance becomes irelevant if you are able to achieve pure stress-free productivity or the “Mind Like Water” state.  David Allen believes that if you are able to completely remove all the stress and anxiety associated with your day to day life you will experience deep focus and enjoyment of what ever you are doing at that moment. You will not be distracted by the minutia that normally occupies your subconscious. You will enjoy the time spent with your family at a deeper level because you are not distracted and stressed by your work. You will enjoy your work much more because of your deeper focus and higher level of productivity. He is dead on.

I can attest to that since re-implementing GTD in my life I have felt less stress and better focus in my work. This has led to a much happier and engaged father and husband at home. I have felt more energetic and more creative. This in turn has pushed me back into the gym and gotten me blogging and writing instead of watching TV.


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