GTD : Processing your inbox

I’ve been going back to basics lately and working on re-launching GTD at work and at home. This time around I’m comitting to implemeing the full system including things I haven’t tried before such as the Tickler.

Dealing with email is a major part of my day to day work. Generally I’m forced to deal with 100 to 200 emails a day. My approach is a combination of Inbox Zero and GTD. I strive to keep my inbox empty. I process my email into three categories: 1. Archive for future reference, 2. To Action, 3. Trash. I’ve setup offline folders to support each of these categories. To speed things along, I’ve written some macros / scripts so that I can easily move email into each of these folders with a simple key stroke.

Currently I use a Macbook and entourage for email. I’ve written some Applescripts that move the currently selected email into the “Archive” folder or the “To Action” folder. I use a cutom trigger within Quicksilver (Alt-M) to run the script and move the email. I use separate versions of the script for each offline folder. (Alt-T for Move To “To Action).

Get the Script Here

If your using Outlook (most people are) I’ve used this VBA Macro in the past. Unlike Entourage, you can map this macro to a keyboard shortcut right within Outlook.


2 responses to “GTD : Processing your inbox

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  2. Read the gtd book a while ago. I’ve tried the tickle file, but always found I lost interest or context by the time I got to it. I always wished that there was a company tickle file, that actually got some attention.

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