Generation Y

There has been a lot of buzz on the internet and in the media about generation Y and the challenges these people pose in the workplace.  These young employees are very unique and do not respond to traditional styles of management. They require more feedback and praise. They prefer to understand their role in the organization and what impact their work has. They also demand strong leadership and won’t just do it because they are told to. Because of this employers are scrambling to find ways to cope.
Some people believe that this attitude is a result of Y Generation  growing up watching their parents be burnt up or laid off by Corporate America. Having seen the consequences first hand they have placed more emphasis on family and work life balance.
The flip side is that generation Y brings substantial value to the table. They are highly educated and tech savvy. They are able to multi-task and thrive on challenges. They represent a formidable asset if harnessed properly.
In my mind there is only upside to this situation, these people are demanding strong leadership and management. They are demanding the things that good leaders already offer. Corporate America will be forced to change for the better.


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